Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The great Story of Toothappan and Ignoresh

Once upon a time there lived two friends names Toothappan and Ignoresh . Both were very good and close friends . Always they were dependent on each other . It was Toothappan who was helping his friend to eat as he was the official teeth of Ignoresh . As time went on Ignoresh was ignoring his good friend and was not paying much attention to his buddy . But his friend was a true friend who would always respect him and stood behind him like a wall . Toothappan was helpless because he had no family or relatives , he would depend on his friend for stay as only place he would get in this entire world was the house of Ignoresh .

Ignoresh had a mother by name Helpmathi who always guided his son not to ignore anything in life and treat everyone equally no matter big or small , good or bad . Ignoresh was not in mood to listen to his mom or his friend . He kept on ignoring his mother's word .

There was one twist in life of Ignoresh . He fell in love with Keeta ( Kitanu ) . He wanted her to stay in him house , but Helpmathi was against it . She kept on giving warning to his son not to fall in the trap of Keeta . But his love was blind , Ignoresh was not in a position to listen to any of the words of Helpmathi or Toothappan .

Keeta was one who kept on playing with lives of many people . Ignoresh was just a puppet in hands of keeta . She entered the house of Ignoresh even after so many warnings from his mother . Helpmathi was helpless in this case . Keeta was slowly trying to bring rivalry between both friends .She was pretending to love both but reality was different. She was playing with lives of both Ignoresh and Toothappan that resulted in huge fight between both good friends . Slowly it turned into enmity .

The fight became so intense that Ignoresh told Toothappan to leave his house for ever and not to see him or his house again in life . What would Toothappan do ? He had no choice but to leave the house of
Ignoresh . Helpmathi stopped his son by telling him not to leave his close friend and keep him forever in his house . But he was so blind in love that he repeatedly ignored the words of his mother . Like his name he was ignoring everything and everyone in life .

Ignoresh decided to marry Keeta ( Kitanu ). But his mother has against this proposal . She already had  one girl in mind since the childhood of Ignoresh . Her name was Colgi ( Colgate ) . She was Helpmathi s neighbour . Helpmathi saw her grow from childhood and liked each and every quality of her . She had decided to marry her son with colgi one day .

But poor Ignoresh was hellbent on Keeta . Even after his mom's refusal he went ahead and married keeta . For few months all went good in life of Ignoresh . slowly keeta started showing her true colors . she didnt miss any opportunity to trouble Ignoresh the poor guy .It was very much painful for poor Ignoresh at this moment in life . He was having sleepless nights and there was no one to share his feelings with . Helpmathi was helpless in this case as situation went worse .

One fine day Keeta left Ignoresh and ran away with Germ bhai . There was complete blindness in the life of Ignoresh thereafter . If he had listened to words to his mother and married colgi , these things would nt have happened in life of  Ignoresh and his friend Toothappan would have been with him forever !!!!!!

Moral : " Always listen to your Mother and her warnings . Never take things lightly in Life "

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