Sunday, March 22, 2015

Simplest Things of happiness

There are many types of happiness - one which lasts long and the other which is of short duration. These sort of happiness for short time is most effective . They keep us happy and we can enjoy a lot.Short time happiness may be a simplest things in life but the effect it has on day to day life is very pleasing and it is the driving force behind ones happiness in life.Small time happiness includes anything from meeting old friends after 10 years or a small get together for a movie or watching cricket with all friends in big screen with coke and pop corn or pizza party with coke and chips.There are so many such moments in life which makes us very happy.

The weekend party with cousins makes me very happy.we will order pizza along with coke and other fried foods.Thats the time where we get time to get together and have fun.Chatting and sharing funny moments with cousins along with eating and drinking coke is one such small moments of happiness.

Then comes one of the most and very common moments of happiness in life.It makes entire country to unite. Its the time of world cup cricket.This is the time where we forgot all tensions in life and watch cricket with friends and family that too when India is playing. World cup is one such event of happiness where it comes once in 4 years.Eating pop corn along with coke and watching cricket on big screen tat too at world cup event of cricket is true definition of happiness.

Meeting different people at sports event makes me happy.Here we get opportunity to speak to all personal from sports field.They will be expert in this field. Their ideas helps us a lot in improving my performance which in turn motivates to perform well in most of the events.

Planning for a movie with friends and meeting all of them at movie hall is another such small moments of happiness. We have a lots of fun there.Watching and making fun of friends during movie,laughing loud and getting scoldings from others is also one such moments. Then comes interval in movie where we bring coke and drink together. These all things add to happiness.

Festivals like deevali and holi where we meet all our family members from all places and spending time with them all is happiness.This is the time where get time with family members and forget all our busy schedule and spend full time with small kids and elders.These days come only once in a year but these moments will last long.

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Saturday, March 14, 2015

#Together on running Track

It all started with a preparation for one of the important competition in life.It was a meet which could not be forgotten at all.This was all about Athletics meet during school days.We were trained for almost two months to get ready for the meet.I was very eager to attend this particular competition as it was my first where i had to travel long distance to run for this particular event.Weeks went on and then came the final day of the event.Before entering the ground i took few minutes of time to remember all those people who played very important role in my preparation to this final event.I was very nervous seeing many athletes getting ready for the event.Since i was prepared for any touch challenge i had the belief that i would easily reach my goal of qualifying in initial rounds of the competition.I was aiming one milestone at a time and not thinking too much on winning the medal.At that time the event which i was well adjusted to was the long distance running .My Friends were sprinters who would run 100 meter events.Even though our track were different but still we were helping each other either by motivating or cheering each other.

During my preliminary rounds my friends cheered me which made my task little more easier and i was able to perform better than my earlier timings for middle distance running.I easily qualified for the final round .I did not find much difficulty in winning the final as i had full encouragement from my friends who backed my potential right from the start of the event.I was missing my trainer badly. Even my friends were missing him.In his absence we had to manage everything.

After winning my event i was very happy that all my efforts did not go in vain . I was happy that i could do my timings better that my previous best.I was very relaxed and was supporting and cheering my fellow short distance runners.

There was a very unusual situation with one of my friend.He was injured while preparing for the event.That event was 4x100 meters relay.Since he was injured we had no other option that to quit the relay event.The condition of one of the runner in team was very bad that we could not ask him to run with the injury. I was not part of the relay team since i was long distance runner.It happened all of a sudden that one of my friend asked me whether i could run on his behalf and complete the event of 4x100 Relay.I was not expecting this call all of a sudden.That made me to think a lot since i was not at all trained to run short distance. It was in my mind that if i could not do well then it would mean that we would lose the event .

Relay is a team event where winning will depend on all team members equally. At one stage i was thinking not to accept this difficult challenge which was not expected at all .But i was feeling sad for other three members who had practiced very hard till this day.All my friends requested me to take this challenge.They told me that if i believe in myself and my abilities then we would clear this hurdle of relay.I agreed with bit of hesitation. I had never been in such a situation earlier. It was my new test.

I was running the third leg of the relay 4x100 .The result of this event was unexpected.We came first in the team event.I could not believe that i too contributed in team's success.This was most memorable day in my life.If you believe in yourself then anything can be achieved in life, Yes, motivation from friends always helps to succeed further in life.This post is written for , please follow the link

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

 #StartANewLife - study and sports together

A balance in life with studies and sports simultaneously. There has been a lot of debate around doing the things together in life . Some say that at once one can concentrate either on sports or academics. Both can't go hand in hand when you want to top the class with good marks.Even I was in agreement with the fact that both can't be achieved simultaneously. My parents was very supportive in me taking up sports and studies together during school days.I made a bold decision to take up both at a time in life.At first I was not serious about sports. It was just to miss class or two when there were athletic events during school days.But I was very serious in studies.

Sports was just a part and not everything at initial days.One coach changed the complete picture in my life making me to take sports seriously.He was very strict coach who was not entertaining any excuse or reason for not attending practice. I still remember many instance where we were asked to continue practice even in heavy rains while others were looking at us running in rain.Another instance I would recall where our coacg had to keave tge session due to work and told us to continue the practice giving us some list of things which had to be repeated. But we did only half and sat at one place chatting with team members.we were not at all aware that our coach was observing us from pavilion. He came to us and asked us whether we all completed our tasks to which we all said yes. He was very angry and told that he was observing us while we were chatting and enjoying. As a punishment he told us run entire ground for 40 minutes.That is where we realised the importance of practice and its outcome. I  was improving my timings day by day under the guidance of my coach.Sports was not at all effecting my studies but infact helping me a lot to concentrate. Infact I would say it had eased the tension during exams.I even topped during exams even after tight practice schedule and all.

My coach was giving my example to other parents who were not willing to put thier kids or hesitant parents who thought their kids might not do well in studies .They thought it was waste of time joining sports. But my own example is enough to say that it is possible to do multi-task but that determination should exists within ones own self.No one can force others to take up studies or sports.

That was one bold decision I took which made to feel a new life.Those old memories are still fresh in my life.
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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Look Up Stories - story of optimism

This is a story about 10 years ago.One small new born puppy who lost the way completely was roaming around our new house which had very huge space at the entrance.We all had noticed this pup many times.One fine day it somehow entered our house arena just following other stray dogs.It was so pretty that we felt like feeding it with some food available at home.Once we fed the dog , it was not all leaving our place and was always trying to enter the house as when it got opportunity.At first most of my family members were afraid of this dog whether it might bite or something like that.Slowly everyone at home started getting adjusted to the new comer in our family.It was like we had never asked for and everything was unexpected.We started calling the dog by name 'Jim'.It was so energetic that i had never seen that dog sitting quite in one place.Always roaming around and trying to enter the house either by front door or back door.

Jim's way of greeting people was really unique and one of a kind.It used to circle 360 degrees around the leg of any new person who enters our premises.Then followed sliding both legs with swinging tale behind anyone.I was very happy seeing it do the same every time i came home tired from college.It was making me relax everyday seeing the energy this cute dog had.

It was listening to our words carefully and the moment you call the name 'Jim' we could see the dog immediate next to us.we were exited to see the dog respond to us just by calling its name.I had even tried testing this by calling with other names which it dint even respond to.We all felt very happy seeing it grow along with us.Jim always followed my mom wherever she went .

The quick learning of this dog inspired me a lot.It was very easy to teach this dog without doing anything twice.One example i would like to share here,once it entered the house and started peeing . I ran towards it and took the dog outside the fine day the door was locked and dog was inside with us.It was always looking at me and then at door knob couple of times.I could not understand why was it doing it repeatedly.Then i opened the door and could see that it immediately ran outside and started peeing outside.This made me to think that even pet dog can also understand humans better.There are many such instances still makes me feel out of the world.

Jim dog is no more but still its memories are always with us and gives a smile on our face whenever we remember olden days.

This was a story about unknown happiness which was not expected at all . To conclude one always say that 'Expect the unexpected'

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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The Little Litter Littest Litterbug - The Great Indian Litter Bug

The Great Indian Litter Bug starts with general talk about keep city clean campaign . you are advised not to throw waste on roads , public places , garden or for that matter any places.we hear that among monkeys that if one monkey starts doing some tricks the other would follow the same.This holds very true for our great Indian litterbug . litter A starts throwing waste in public and talks to litter B saying "I dont know why these people throw waste in public places,cant they throw the same in dustbin?you cannot change these people".Litter B follows the footsteps of litter A , throws few more waste like wrapper and reply to litter A saying " Yes what you say is true , I cannot understand why people do throw as roads are dustbin.Cant they read the advertisement stating DO NOT LITTER". After a couple of minutes Litter C passes that way eating banana and after he completes eating throws the skin and leaves that place.He thinks internally in his mind saying "Why are we not keeping the city clean?only god should come and save all " .Seeing all litter masters A,B and C what D does the same which we can refer here as Blame game.When the cycle completes until Z is reached , that is the litter Z passes by the same location does the same. But this time it would be huge litter as one could see the effect of alphabets.One could say how the alphabets form sentences similarly the The Little Litter Littest becomes biggest and greatest Indian Litterbug.Again the same story continues in same order.When Litter A comes to the same spot where he started all this , He and his litter friend B would be shocked to see the dump of garbage grown like a mountain . They would talk to each other again but this time in angry mood.A starts  telling to B saying "See this how people keep the city clean , How much ever you tell to these people they would not listen at all "

Litter A-Z is combined to form The Great Indian Litter Bug . This example holds good for monkey to monkey trick.I think its better to put a sign board something like "PLEASE LITTER HERE" so that at least all will be aware that they have something to throw at that place rather than throwing wherever one likes Or something like a large area where one can say that 'Please throw until this area' so that the area after that place would be clean.

This reminds me of break the rules kind of thing where i will do what i am not supposed to do. This post is written for Indiblogger for an initiative by times of India


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