Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Look Up Stories - story of optimism

This is a story about 10 years ago.One small new born puppy who lost the way completely was roaming around our new house which had very huge space at the entrance.We all had noticed this pup many times.One fine day it somehow entered our house arena just following other stray dogs.It was so pretty that we felt like feeding it with some food available at home.Once we fed the dog , it was not all leaving our place and was always trying to enter the house as when it got opportunity.At first most of my family members were afraid of this dog whether it might bite or something like that.Slowly everyone at home started getting adjusted to the new comer in our family.It was like we had never asked for and everything was unexpected.We started calling the dog by name 'Jim'.It was so energetic that i had never seen that dog sitting quite in one place.Always roaming around and trying to enter the house either by front door or back door.

Jim's way of greeting people was really unique and one of a kind.It used to circle 360 degrees around the leg of any new person who enters our premises.Then followed sliding both legs with swinging tale behind anyone.I was very happy seeing it do the same every time i came home tired from college.It was making me relax everyday seeing the energy this cute dog had.

It was listening to our words carefully and the moment you call the name 'Jim' we could see the dog immediate next to us.we were exited to see the dog respond to us just by calling its name.I had even tried testing this by calling with other names which it dint even respond to.We all felt very happy seeing it grow along with us.Jim always followed my mom wherever she went .

The quick learning of this dog inspired me a lot.It was very easy to teach this dog without doing anything twice.One example i would like to share here,once it entered the house and started peeing . I ran towards it and took the dog outside the fine day the door was locked and dog was inside with us.It was always looking at me and then at door knob couple of times.I could not understand why was it doing it repeatedly.Then i opened the door and could see that it immediately ran outside and started peeing outside.This made me to think that even pet dog can also understand humans better.There are many such instances still makes me feel out of the world.

Jim dog is no more but still its memories are always with us and gives a smile on our face whenever we remember olden days.

This was a story about unknown happiness which was not expected at all . To conclude one always say that 'Expect the unexpected'

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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The Little Litter Littest Litterbug - The Great Indian Litter Bug

The Great Indian Litter Bug starts with general talk about keep city clean campaign . you are advised not to throw waste on roads , public places , garden or for that matter any places.we hear that among monkeys that if one monkey starts doing some tricks the other would follow the same.This holds very true for our great Indian litterbug . litter A starts throwing waste in public and talks to litter B saying "I dont know why these people throw waste in public places,cant they throw the same in dustbin?you cannot change these people".Litter B follows the footsteps of litter A , throws few more waste like wrapper and reply to litter A saying " Yes what you say is true , I cannot understand why people do throw as roads are dustbin.Cant they read the advertisement stating DO NOT LITTER". After a couple of minutes Litter C passes that way eating banana and after he completes eating throws the skin and leaves that place.He thinks internally in his mind saying "Why are we not keeping the city clean?only god should come and save all " .Seeing all litter masters A,B and C what D does the same which we can refer here as Blame game.When the cycle completes until Z is reached , that is the litter Z passes by the same location does the same. But this time it would be huge litter as one could see the effect of alphabets.One could say how the alphabets form sentences similarly the The Little Litter Littest becomes biggest and greatest Indian Litterbug.Again the same story continues in same order.When Litter A comes to the same spot where he started all this , He and his litter friend B would be shocked to see the dump of garbage grown like a mountain . They would talk to each other again but this time in angry mood.A starts  telling to B saying "See this how people keep the city clean , How much ever you tell to these people they would not listen at all "

Litter A-Z is combined to form The Great Indian Litter Bug . This example holds good for monkey to monkey trick.I think its better to put a sign board something like "PLEASE LITTER HERE" so that at least all will be aware that they have something to throw at that place rather than throwing wherever one likes Or something like a large area where one can say that 'Please throw until this area' so that the area after that place would be clean.

This reminds me of break the rules kind of thing where i will do what i am not supposed to do. This post is written for Indiblogger for an initiative by times of India

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Pimple - sign of worry on face

Face and mirror have long relation , can be said something like cant live without each other. Funny but true. Gone are the days when ancient people used to see the reflection of water which was acting as a mirror in olden age.Things have changed now . Face is everything and facial expression tells everything .The issue seems to be common to all when a small scratch or cut on face tells everything.Pimple is one such problem that has to be addressed in some way or other and could be seen among young people mostly teens.How it happens- mostly due to dirt or dust or oil which is not relevant to us as of now .

It all starts with a small pimple and we tend to focus more on that rather than other important things in life. Even though it seems like a small problem but it becomes everything when it is related to facial look.The first thing that strikes our mind is to ask mother.I still remember asking my mother as to what needs to be done to get rid of pimples.The answer would be wash your face two times a day with soap or apply some local prepared magic pimple vanish made by mother.At that time one would not think of face wash until there is advertisement seen on television or any other social media.Common tendency would be to wait for local remedy that has something to do with neem , if that does not work then we will start doing research or development on finding the solution on internet day in and day out , sometimes leaving food , sometimes sleepless and only focus on getting rid of pimples by even spending more money every time.But one question needs to asked every time " Are we going the right way or do we need to consult the skin specialist?" . The doctor would be the last option if nothing works out.

Another common issue in day to day life is more to do with looks.we tend to see mirror again and again to check if pimple has vanished or not , if not give a sad smile to mirror.It also has impact on your self confidence sometimes. Most common questions that rings bell in minds starts with "How will others look at me?,Will people tend to move away from me because of pimple?,Will other notice me?,will i be able to get rid of this problem?", these questions keeps multiplying rather than getting answers to all.

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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Happy Home is always equal to Healthy Child

Happy Home is always equal to Healthy Child .

Happy home and healthy child goes hand in hand . One good example to illustrate this is railway track . One end is Healthy child and other end can be taken as Happy home . Both are most important for a happy journey or happiness of a family . If each end of a track diverge then there wont be any happiness . Hence a healthy child makes a happy home.

A very known fact is that small kids do not like healthy foods like vegetables , cereals or that matter any home made food by mother. They always like junk foods,chocolates or fried ones which in current generation is more predominant ones.We cant even deny buying them these junk foods.They can even fill stomach with junk for entire day without home food . we have seen most common scene in all house hold where a mother runs behind the kid trying to feed home food whereas the kid refuses to take home food while having a chips packet in hand.These might make mother sad . They keep iterating " why is my kid not eating at all , I am fed up making him/her eat " . we cannot blame kids for that either . kids tend to like more crispy and sweeter things rather that home made nutrition food.

Sometimes we have to figure out any other alternative of solving this problem . Though this is a small problem some time makes it makes people frustrating . Whats next ? How to keep a child healthy ?

one might think of making kid to drink milk by adding their favorite chocolate, strawberry powder or any other means to achieve this . I would call this a alternate way of achieving what is required and most important one .

Second best to this alternate would be to identify any other product available in market which provides required immunity needed to fight against any bacteria or virus . There comes dabur chyawanprash into picture.It has all the necessary ayurvedic ingredients helpful for growth of child.It also increases ability to fight illness 3times . It is a good bargain and a first step to taking your family towards happiness.

When parents are happy knowing that chyawanprash has herbs which strengthen kids immune system and also fight against day to day infections like cough,cold and others,they would not be worried even if their kids take junk food.This is the ideal solution for the problems faced by most of the people.

This is how a healthy child makes a happy home. I still remember by old golden days where my mom used to feed a spoon of chyawanprash everday before i go to sleep. She would always tell me chyawanprash is very good for health. A good old memory which i could recall while writing this post

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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The great Story of Toothappan and Ignoresh

Once upon a time there lived two friends names Toothappan and Ignoresh . Both were very good and close friends . Always they were dependent on each other . It was Toothappan who was helping his friend to eat as he was the official teeth of Ignoresh . As time went on Ignoresh was ignoring his good friend and was not paying much attention to his buddy . But his friend was a true friend who would always respect him and stood behind him like a wall . Toothappan was helpless because he had no family or relatives , he would depend on his friend for stay as only place he would get in this entire world was the house of Ignoresh .

Ignoresh had a mother by name Helpmathi who always guided his son not to ignore anything in life and treat everyone equally no matter big or small , good or bad . Ignoresh was not in mood to listen to his mom or his friend . He kept on ignoring his mother's word .

There was one twist in life of Ignoresh . He fell in love with Keeta ( Kitanu ) . He wanted her to stay in him house , but Helpmathi was against it . She kept on giving warning to his son not to fall in the trap of Keeta . But his love was blind , Ignoresh was not in a position to listen to any of the words of Helpmathi or Toothappan .

Keeta was one who kept on playing with lives of many people . Ignoresh was just a puppet in hands of keeta . She entered the house of Ignoresh even after so many warnings from his mother . Helpmathi was helpless in this case . Keeta was slowly trying to bring rivalry between both friends .She was pretending to love both but reality was different. She was playing with lives of both Ignoresh and Toothappan that resulted in huge fight between both good friends . Slowly it turned into enmity .

The fight became so intense that Ignoresh told Toothappan to leave his house for ever and not to see him or his house again in life . What would Toothappan do ? He had no choice but to leave the house of
Ignoresh . Helpmathi stopped his son by telling him not to leave his close friend and keep him forever in his house . But he was so blind in love that he repeatedly ignored the words of his mother . Like his name he was ignoring everything and everyone in life .

Ignoresh decided to marry Keeta ( Kitanu ). But his mother has against this proposal . She already had  one girl in mind since the childhood of Ignoresh . Her name was Colgi ( Colgate ) . She was Helpmathi s neighbour . Helpmathi saw her grow from childhood and liked each and every quality of her . She had decided to marry her son with colgi one day .

But poor Ignoresh was hellbent on Keeta . Even after his mom's refusal he went ahead and married keeta . For few months all went good in life of Ignoresh . slowly keeta started showing her true colors . she didnt miss any opportunity to trouble Ignoresh the poor guy .It was very much painful for poor Ignoresh at this moment in life . He was having sleepless nights and there was no one to share his feelings with . Helpmathi was helpless in this case as situation went worse .

One fine day Keeta left Ignoresh and ran away with Germ bhai . There was complete blindness in the life of Ignoresh thereafter . If he had listened to words to his mother and married colgi , these things would nt have happened in life of  Ignoresh and his friend Toothappan would have been with him forever !!!!!!

Moral : " Always listen to your Mother and her warnings . Never take things lightly in Life "

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