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Happy Home is always equal to Healthy Child

Happy Home is always equal to Healthy Child .

Happy home and healthy child goes hand in hand . One good example to illustrate this is railway track . One end is Healthy child and other end can be taken as Happy home . Both are most important for a happy journey or happiness of a family . If each end of a track diverge then there wont be any happiness . Hence a healthy child makes a happy home.

A very known fact is that small kids do not like healthy foods like vegetables , cereals or that matter any home made food by mother. They always like junk foods,chocolates or fried ones which in current generation is more predominant ones.We cant even deny buying them these junk foods.They can even fill stomach with junk for entire day without home food . we have seen most common scene in all house hold where a mother runs behind the kid trying to feed home food whereas the kid refuses to take home food while having a chips packet in hand.These might make mother sad . They keep iterating " why is my kid not eating at all , I am fed up making him/her eat " . we cannot blame kids for that either . kids tend to like more crispy and sweeter things rather that home made nutrition food.

Sometimes we have to figure out any other alternative of solving this problem . Though this is a small problem some time makes it makes people frustrating . Whats next ? How to keep a child healthy ?

one might think of making kid to drink milk by adding their favorite chocolate, strawberry powder or any other means to achieve this . I would call this a alternate way of achieving what is required and most important one .

Second best to this alternate would be to identify any other product available in market which provides required immunity needed to fight against any bacteria or virus . There comes dabur chyawanprash into picture.It has all the necessary ayurvedic ingredients helpful for growth of child.It also increases ability to fight illness 3times . It is a good bargain and a first step to taking your family towards happiness.

When parents are happy knowing that chyawanprash has herbs which strengthen kids immune system and also fight against day to day infections like cough,cold and others,they would not be worried even if their kids take junk food.This is the ideal solution for the problems faced by most of the people.

This is how a healthy child makes a happy home. I still remember by old golden days where my mom used to feed a spoon of chyawanprash everday before i go to sleep. She would always tell me chyawanprash is very good for health. A good old memory which i could recall while writing this post

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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The great Story of Toothappan and Ignoresh

Once upon a time there lived two friends names Toothappan and Ignoresh . Both were very good and close friends . Always they were dependent on each other . It was Toothappan who was helping his friend to eat as he was the official teeth of Ignoresh . As time went on Ignoresh was ignoring his good friend and was not paying much attention to his buddy . But his friend was a true friend who would always respect him and stood behind him like a wall . Toothappan was helpless because he had no family or relatives , he would depend on his friend for stay as only place he would get in this entire world was the house of Ignoresh .

Ignoresh had a mother by name Helpmathi who always guided his son not to ignore anything in life and treat everyone equally no matter big or small , good or bad . Ignoresh was not in mood to listen to his mom or his friend . He kept on ignoring his mother's word .

There was one twist in life of Ignoresh . He fell in love with Keeta ( Kitanu ) . He wanted her to stay in him house , but Helpmathi was against it . She kept on giving warning to his son not to fall in the trap of Keeta . But his love was blind , Ignoresh was not in a position to listen to any of the words of Helpmathi or Toothappan .

Keeta was one who kept on playing with lives of many people . Ignoresh was just a puppet in hands of keeta . She entered the house of Ignoresh even after so many warnings from his mother . Helpmathi was helpless in this case . Keeta was slowly trying to bring rivalry between both friends .She was pretending to love both but reality was different. She was playing with lives of both Ignoresh and Toothappan that resulted in huge fight between both good friends . Slowly it turned into enmity .

The fight became so intense that Ignoresh told Toothappan to leave his house for ever and not to see him or his house again in life . What would Toothappan do ? He had no choice but to leave the house of
Ignoresh . Helpmathi stopped his son by telling him not to leave his close friend and keep him forever in his house . But he was so blind in love that he repeatedly ignored the words of his mother . Like his name he was ignoring everything and everyone in life .

Ignoresh decided to marry Keeta ( Kitanu ). But his mother has against this proposal . She already had  one girl in mind since the childhood of Ignoresh . Her name was Colgi ( Colgate ) . She was Helpmathi s neighbour . Helpmathi saw her grow from childhood and liked each and every quality of her . She had decided to marry her son with colgi one day .

But poor Ignoresh was hellbent on Keeta . Even after his mom's refusal he went ahead and married keeta . For few months all went good in life of Ignoresh . slowly keeta started showing her true colors . she didnt miss any opportunity to trouble Ignoresh the poor guy .It was very much painful for poor Ignoresh at this moment in life . He was having sleepless nights and there was no one to share his feelings with . Helpmathi was helpless in this case as situation went worse .

One fine day Keeta left Ignoresh and ran away with Germ bhai . There was complete blindness in the life of Ignoresh thereafter . If he had listened to words to his mother and married colgi , these things would nt have happened in life of  Ignoresh and his friend Toothappan would have been with him forever !!!!!!

Moral : " Always listen to your Mother and her warnings . Never take things lightly in Life "

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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Fake vs Original ( Doodh ka Doodh aur Pani ka Pani ) at HP Indiblogger meet

Original indiblogger meet with Original HP written by Original Blogger

Yay !!!. Another Indiblogger meet at Bangalore and this time its original one by HP . Indiblogger meet was held at Fortune park JP celestial .Let me go for flash back i.e 20 th Day of January 2013 . For First time we could see guitar and song by our own indiblogger team , followed by As usual 30 seconds of fame with  a little twist in tale and this time all had to give intro with enacting their favourite characters . when my turn came i was bit shy to act in front of  bloggers so i choose to select my favourite cricketer Dravid so that i can have this excuse of not acting  . But one thing  for sure is that i can bat like Dravid .

It was followed by another interesting exercise where all bloggers we given a card board with QR code which had part of a sentence associated with it . A complete sentence were divided into three parts and each one's card contained one part . we had to form a team of three to make one sentence. It was more like a Puzzle to find . The first five team to complete wins .

HP IPG Category Manager speaks 

Category Manger for HP Inkjet Printer Speaks ( Credits : Indiblogger )
His presentation on Originals Vs Fake was very interesting . All product related presentations are usually boring but this one was very informative and presented in Original form . The main importance of this presentation was to know the difference between original and fake products and why one should go for Fake products when original ones last longer . Presentation gave me  importance of using original HP products rather than going for Fake ones.

Few Questionaire from presentation

  • Why people go for fake ones ? 
May be cheaper , original ones are little  costlier than fake ones .These products are spread in such manner that its difficult to make out the difference between real and fake . Some section of people opt for fake ones even after the knowing its fake , that may be to save few bucks.

Interesting example was given at presentation . If we buy luxury car i,e high end model , do we think to buy low cost petrol or diesel / engine oil knowingly . Definitely not . Similarly if we go for refill of cartridges this will impact on Printers

  • Impact of using refill cartridges on printer 
Refill  cartridges has direct impact on Print head of printers . Print head is nothing but the Heart of printer. This part is not easily replaceable rather i would say " Not Possible " . Im my terms the Mother board of PC .

  • Why go for Original 
This question is eye opener for us . Till these days we were using the refilled  cartridges  for Orignal HP Printer at home. This presentation made to think over it again and go only for original refill . let me explain why go for orignal , answer is Last Longer , Good life time of products and less prone to errors (Oh that was geek term ). meanwhile there was some Percentage fact at presentation which it is really difficult to recall .There were doubts in minds of people as to " why would you go for original refills costing about 800 to 1000+ when inkjet printer itself would cost 1500-1900 rupees .

  •  How to check for Original HP Products
To check the originality of HP products there is a app available for smart phone which reads the QR Code of products and gives us the result  OK or NOT OK . For those who wants to check from online - please follow the link to validate the product .

Give Aways  at blogger meet : Giveaways at blogger meet were HP Pen Drives , HP ear phones , Harper colllins books , HP printers ( Lucky ones ) and T-shirts ( Indian by birth and blogger at choice ones ) , High Tea etc

  • Conclusion 
Rather than going for many time Buy , Go for One-time buy and enjoy . we always try to save money going for refilling without knowing the after effects on the heart of printers . Lets take care of our printers health . No to fake and Yes to Original

 The cost of printer cartridges have come down to 450 rupees onwards . This cartridges can print upto 600 pages . Isn't it worth buy when you are getting original cartridge at that price . Just a word " Say No To Fakes "

Credits :

Finally i could pose for Photograph like this . In simple terms it says " GO For Original HP Ones or else i will shoot you "

Credits : Indiblogger

At last the inblogger meet was a memorable one . Had wonderful time and fun and hoping to attend many more meets in future . Thanks Indiblogger team , Rennie , HP , Harper collins and indibloggers .

Please find the facebook link for HP india at

Monday, August 20, 2012

Arranged Love Marriage Vs Love Marriage Vs Arranged Marriage

Love Marriage Ya Arranged Marriage ? Answer would be not sure . You never know whats gonna happen in Future when anyone will fire such questions at you . Strange but True for both Arranged and Love Marriage . How about third option Arranged Love Marriage ? This option is something like creamy layer in  anyone s life . The perfect phrase to describe this is " Hum Bhi Khush , Tum Bhi Khush aur Sab bhi Khush. The Third option is the combination of both First ( Love )  and Second ( arranged ) type of marriages .

Lets be more creative and apply few Physics concepts in these type of marriages .
  • Concept 1 : Directly Proportional is dependent on both parties . 
  • Concept 2 : Equals where equality is maintained
  • Concept 3 : Constant ( K ) is nothing but Balanced move 
  • Concept 4 : Symbol ( * ) is Conditions apply 
  • Concept 5 : Resistance  ability to withstand all
These are creative concepts which will be used to explain the nature of all these type of marriages . 

Lets go for Love Marriage in dept . Love Marriage is nothing but marriage between two lovers who think that lets get our love converted to marriage and hold each others hand to live future together. In other terms Long Term Bonding . Marriages are made in heaven is common sentence associated with any type of Marriages . But what i feel is yes its made in Heaven but for Love Marriage there is small twist in tale . That is conditions apply ( * ). Conditions are Resistance offered by either of sides that is the Parents side.If both lovers are ready to face the resistance then they can go ahead with this type of marriage

Equation 1 : 

Love Marriage is directly proportional to twice the individuals that is both lovers who are going to get married

i.e Love Marriage = 2 x K x Individuals   --------------------- (1)

Where K is Proportionality constant that depends on Resistance and various other factors

Now we shall look into Arranged marriage . The marriage becomes arranged when its agreed by all the people in scene , The individual and the their family members . There is no resistance from any sides as long the marriage is handled smooth without any intervention from third party.Majority of people prefer Arranged form of marriage compared to Love Marriage.

Equation 2 :

Arrange Marriage is directly proportional to twice the families , here individuals are also considered but families play a major role

i.e Arranged Marriage = 2 x K x Families ------------------------- (2)

Where K is Proportionality constant that depends on Horoscope , Status , Background checks and various other factors

When we combine both the equations , Equation 3 is formed

Equation 3 : 

From (1) and (2) .

Love Marriage + Arranged Marriage = ( 2 x K x Individuals ) +(2 x K x Families)

 (  Love + Arranged ) Marriage = 2 x K ( Individuals + Families )

Equation 3 says that there is third option and a good option for both sides i.e Arranged Love Marriage . So There lies a last question to be answered by all i.e Arranged ya Love marriage ?

My answer is Equation 3 the Arranged Love Marriage. As i said earlier  " Hum Bhi Khush , Tum Bhi Khush aur Sab bhi Khush " This is one of my entry written for Indiblogger Contest " Love Marriage Ya Arranged Marriage " . For More info about the new Sony TV serial Love Marriage Ya Arranged Marriage aired Every Monday to Thrusday at 8:30 PM you can visit the official facebook through the link ( Here ) .

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Kyra , Sunny and Lakme Sun Expert

Kyra, unlike other girls is very beauty conscious girl who loves to travel very often . Traveling from one place to another place is her hobby . She is very sporty , fun loving, nature freak and energetic girl .The only thing she hates is Mr Sunny ( The Sunlight Boy ) who always troubles her whenever she is out in sunlight . Sunny always follow Kyra and shoots powerful blast of sunny rays which always makes her angry . That is why Kyra is hesitant to go out in Sunlight .

Myself , Jack who is nature loving guy  is very fond of beach and water , a sporty guy who likes volley ball game more than any other game and a volleyball tutor . One fine day Kyra came to me while i was playing volley ball in beach . She came along with Miss Umbi ( The Ambrella girl ) who always saves her from Sunny's powerful sun rays . Kyra told me that she is very fond of volleyball and asked me whether i could teach her volley ball game . I said yes , why not .

One Major hurdle blocking me from teaching Kyra the Volleyball was Sunny . I was thinking how to tackle Sunny's powerful rays  from Kyra . Me ,Umbi and Kyra went crazy in search of finding solution to this problem. We met beach doctor Mr Beachstain ( Lakme Expert ) who suggested us to use Lakme Sun Expert .As per Beachstains suggestion Kyra used Lakme Sun Expert .

The Moment Kyra used Lakme Sun Expert there was no effect of Sunny's rays on Kyra .Lakme Sun Expert was acting as a shield between Sunny and Kyra . Thanks to Lakme Sun Expert ,without its support i would not have teached Kyra volleyball . We sent Umbi back to her house as Lakme was with us throughout the summer .

When Sunny knew that  there was no effect of his sunny rays on Kyra . He stopped troubling her and it was easy for me to teach her volley ball everyday on Beach .

Kyra was comfortable playing Volley ball under sun light without the fear of Sunny . Me and Kyra spent entire summer playing volleyball , boating , relaxing on the sea shore , watched the beauty of Nature . Last but not the least the Sun set on beach was very wonderful sight to watch . Thanks to Lakme for making this possible

To Know more about Lakme sun expert , click on the link here


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