Sunday, July 23, 2017

New Gadget Channel in Youtube On the Way

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New Gadget channel is on the way . This is called "Gadgets and Reviews" available on Youtube. Hope you readers like and subscribe my channel.Any reviews or suggestions are always welcome .

Theme of the channel : Gadget and Reviews

Link : Gadget and Reviews

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Monday, May 9, 2016

Horlicks Immunity Indiblogger Meet 2016

Horlicks Immunity Indiblogger meet was held at Vivanta Taj ,Bangalore on 8th May 2016. The main subject on which the blogger meet was based is of Immunity and implications on growth in children.This meet was headed by celebrity guest Jim castle who gave us more insight on the role of micro nutrients in Immunity.It was clear from her presentation that today's children lack a healthy diet and often tend to incline towards junk food like donuts rather than a healthy diet. We could also see the her comparison of nutrition level between US and India and also the food habits between these two nations. It was followed by other two sessions and presentation on nutrition 101.There was the fact presented that around 82% has poor nutrition here. Followed by Q and A session where many bloggers asked questions to panelists. I could recall one of the question was on steps taken by Horlicks to improve nutrition awareness in rural areas which was already implemented by Horlicks team. I agree to one of the blogger who shared her experience in general saying that Horlicks was on top list compared to coffee tea and one would feel happy if Horlicks was served when we visit neighbours/friends house over coffee/tea.

This was followed by A Quiz on Horlicks Immunity event for a group of around 10 teams which had 10 questions to answer. We could not do much good in Quiz as most of our answers were quite close. The official Twitter handle for this event was #immunity4growth.

Finally to end on a good note , happy to see all the bloggers from Bangalore who attended this meet .It was another memorable event by Indiblogger team and thanks to the Indiblogger team and hope to see many such events in future.

Friday, July 10, 2015

A healthy and balanced diet

This is a generation where people believe in more advertisement than words of mouth. There are plenty of channels which show fast ways of getting slimmer in short span of time. They make people believe with videos showing before and after images and plenty of people case stories. There is a saying 'seeing is believing' that holds good in these cases.There are also plenty of offers to get slim where they offer many options like try before you buy. People not only think about the side effects these products have on their life but also invest in huge sum thinking that results can been seen fast.There are no such short cuts in life which can be so spontaneous and results can be seen in days or hours.The changes to our body is natural phenomenon and these so called crash diet will not even make any impact on the body or health in a short span of time.

There is no end to what a person wants.Those who are fat needs to be slim and the one who is slim needs to gain weight. These are ok if all are following traditional way of exercise or yoga.But the results are not immediate as the process takes lots of effort and over a gradual period of time.This is not known to all and always fall a prey to modern day advertisements.Every day jogging or running along with healthy diet is very necessary.

Coming to healthy diet there are plenty of products available in market. Some continue to be money saver and some are expensive. One such product that striked me is Dabur honey diet.This is unique because of the use of honey for a healthy balanced diet.Honey is required to body in small quantity everyday.It has lot of nutritional values that is needed for a healthy body and plays a vital role in growth and has lot of medicinal properties .Major advantage of using honey is that it fights infection.There are few more benefits of honey in terms of weight management.  Honey is good for skin and keeps it healthy. There is a mention of honey in several age old books and references.It was always told to us by our parents that take one spoon of honey in milk every day.

Feel fit feel young is the mantra of Dabur honey diet.Keeping a balanced diet is very essential for work life balance. The current generation is workaholic and do not get much time to think more on health. In that way taking a good diet is need of the hour.Dabur honey  is preferred everywhere and can be trusted for the product quality.For more information please do visit  Honey Diet .

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Skin care with VICCO Turmeric

Its been over a decade since we are using turmeric cream from Vicco.I still remember the advertisements of Vicco brand. The phrase 'Vicco Turmeric Ayurvedic Cream' song can never be forgotten.I still remember the advertisements with the above song when ever we used to watch serials or movies in DD national channel.That was the olden days when i heard about this cream .

It was my mother who gave me this cream to try out .That were the olden and golden days of my life.I used to tell my mother about my oily skin and the first cream that my mother would ask me to buy was vicco turmeric Ayurvedic cream.That time i was curious to know why she was telling us to use turmeric cream instead of so many other brands at that time.It was her who told me about the use of turmeric on skin.Turmeric has very age old history when it comes to applying on the skin and the benefits of using turmeric creams reduces the pimples and blackheads on skin.The only thing that strikes me now when it comes to turmeric creams is none other that Vicco Turmeric Ayurvedic Cream .The new Foam based cream is latest available cream in the market.From my past experience it would love to recommend to use this cream to all my readers.

Coming to natural and simple skin care tips: We often see people with fair skin and always dream or wish that we should always look fair like him/her,but never think that we can also come a bit closer to them if we follow regular routine of washing the face with water 2 times a day and then use small quantity of  turmeric cream daily . If not daily then at least thrice a week.Some people think that going out in sun has some damage on skin but this is not true.Since sun rays are natural form of light, going out in sun by applying turmeric cream like vicco will not have any effects on skin.

People should also look in to the amount of research spent by Vicco on the famous turmeric cream . I am sure that alteast 8o percent of people are aware of this turmeric cream from Vicco. If asked then i would say that i am aware of this product since 20 years.Looking at years of experience it is a recommended product that anyone would love to buy.I am not just writing it for sake of writing this blog post but since i am using the vicco turmeric cream from past 20 years i would no doubt  like to try the new Foam based cream from vicco.

Please visit VICCO Turmeric Cream at the link Vicco Turmeric Cream.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Simplest Things of happiness

There are many types of happiness - one which lasts long and the other which is of short duration. These sort of happiness for short time is most effective . They keep us happy and we can enjoy a lot.Short time happiness may be a simplest things in life but the effect it has on day to day life is very pleasing and it is the driving force behind ones happiness in life.Small time happiness includes anything from meeting old friends after 10 years or a small get together for a movie or watching cricket with all friends in big screen with coke and pop corn or pizza party with coke and chips.There are so many such moments in life which makes us very happy.

The weekend party with cousins makes me very happy.we will order pizza along with coke and other fried foods.Thats the time where we get time to get together and have fun.Chatting and sharing funny moments with cousins along with eating and drinking coke is one such small moments of happiness.

Then comes one of the most and very common moments of happiness in life.It makes entire country to unite. Its the time of world cup cricket.This is the time where we forgot all tensions in life and watch cricket with friends and family that too when India is playing. World cup is one such event of happiness where it comes once in 4 years.Eating pop corn along with coke and watching cricket on big screen tat too at world cup event of cricket is true definition of happiness.

Meeting different people at sports event makes me happy.Here we get opportunity to speak to all personal from sports field.They will be expert in this field. Their ideas helps us a lot in improving my performance which in turn motivates to perform well in most of the events.

Planning for a movie with friends and meeting all of them at movie hall is another such small moments of happiness. We have a lots of fun there.Watching and making fun of friends during movie,laughing loud and getting scoldings from others is also one such moments. Then comes interval in movie where we bring coke and drink together. These all things add to happiness.

Festivals like deevali and holi where we meet all our family members from all places and spending time with them all is happiness.This is the time where get time with family members and forget all our busy schedule and spend full time with small kids and elders.These days come only once in a year but these moments will last long.

This is a post written for coca cola international day of happiness.For more info please visit the link 
 coke happiness


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